Independent Supporter (IS)

Niamh Keane is now working as our new part time Independent Supporter (IS) within Norfolk SEND Partnership. She will be working from Wednesday fo Friday. This role is independent of the Local Authority and the advice is impartial and confidential.

The IS role is to help families going through an EHCP needs assessment and the process of developing an EHCP, enabling young people and parents of children with SEND to take part effectively in the process.

Independent Supporters can provide information, advice and support with:

  • Requesting a needs assessment for EHCP
  • The EHCP needs assessment process (this is about collecting information after assessments)
  • EHCP and personal budgets
  • Identifying other organisations, support groups and services that may be helpful
  • Making a complaint, seeking disagreement resolution or meditation

A request for an Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment can be made by professionals, parent carers or young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). For more information on making a request and to access the forms please follow this link to the SEND Local Offer.

If you would like more information of IS support please contact us on 01603 704070

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