This booklet does not apply to 16-19 Academies or 6th Form Colleges.3



Exclusion is a serious step for a head teacher to take and can be very worrying for both child and parents.  Head teachers should consider why the incident took place e.g. bullying.

Children should only be excluded if:

  • They have seriously broken the school’s Behaviour/Discipline   Policy — you can ask school for a copy 
  • It would seriously harm their education or welfare or that of others if they also were to remain at school

Children can be excluded for their behaviour outside school

Children should not be excluded for:

  • Having a disability or special education need (SEN) that the school feel they are unable to meet
  • Not doing well with school work
  • Their gender, race, religion, or becoming pregnant
  • Parent’s behaviour

An exclusion cannot be lengthened until the pupil meets certain conditions, e.g. admitting guilt or apologising.       .

You should not be asked to keep a child at home because:

  • School cannot meet their special educational needs or disabilities
  • There is an Ofsted inspection or exams

If a child has SEN, school should be checking they are having the right support to avoid exclusion.If they have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or still have a Statement an interim review should be held if they are at risk of being excluded.

Depending on what has happened the Head Teacher can exclude a child either for a fixed term or permanently.  For the first 5 days they must not be in a public place during the school day.