The role of an Independent Supporter (IS)

What is Independent Support?

The role of an Independent Supporter comes from the Children and Families Act 2014. The focus is Education, Health and Care Plans EHCP).

Independent Supporters (IS) are independent of the local authority and their advice is impartial and confidential. Their role is to help families going through an EHCP needs assessment and the process of developing an EHCP.

The aim is to enable all young people and parents of children with SEND to take part effectively in the process.

Independent Supporters can provide information, advice and support with:

  • Requesting a needs assessment for EHCP
  • The EHCP needs assessment process (this is about collecting information after assessments)
  • EHCP and Personal Budgets
  • Identifying other organisations, support groups and services that may be helpful
  • Making a complaint, seeking disagreement resolution or mediation

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