What is an EHCP?

An EHCP is a legal document, so it needs to be specific, clear and detailed.

It is important that the EHCP is correct and describes your child/ young person (yp) clearly. It must describe:

  • what the ‘needs’ of your child/yp are
  • what provision they need
  • What the agreed outcomes are for your child/yp.

Each local authority can develop their own layout for their EHCP - but legally they must contain a number of separate sections as described earlier in this booklet.

All special educational needs (SEN), provision and outcomes must be specified in an EHCP. The use of vague words should be avoided such as “regular”, “access to” or “opportunities for”. It should be clear who has to do what, when and how often (it will not name a specific person but should state the job role, the training needed etc.).

Check basic details such as correct spelling of names, and the right date of birth.  Sometimes, spelling and typing errors slip in.

Make sure that it says everything you think is important about your child – do you recognise your child? There shouldn’t be any surprises.

In preparing the draft, the Local Authority use the information and reports that they have received as part of the needs assessment.